Our response to the moving traffic enforcement consultation

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The proposals are for Birmingham City Council to enforce various traffic offences through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. Once the Council has been successful in acquiring these powers, it will be able to consider and process further sites in batches on a local level. The Council will run consultations for proposed sites.

The types of traffic offences involved are ignoring no entry signs, yellow boxes, car free areas and routes, turn restrictions and breaching weight restrictions.

Drivers that commit these offences, for example by driving in pedestrianised areas and ‘school streets’, increase the risk of causing collisions that can injure and kill people. They also block bus and bike lanes, causing delays to bus users and risk injuring people cycling.

We welcome and strongly support the proposals.

We believe that increased enforcement of these offences will improve the sustainability, efficiency and safety of our streets. The proposals align closely with our group’s mission statement and vision.

We would like to thank Council officers for their valuable reply to our query about the criteria for new sites, how to propose them and the future consultation process.

Future sites

In future tranches of applications, we would like to see the following types of site prioritised:

We are encouraging people supporting our position to include suggestions for specific future sites based on local knowledge.

How you can support our response

You should respond to the consultation and on question one on page three say that you support our response, as well as including a link to this page.

If you have suggestions for future sites, you can include them on question three of page three the survey.

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