Better Streets for Birmingham is a volunteer organisation and needs to generate money to help pay for our campaigns and day-to-day running costs. We don’t charge a membership fee to join Better Streets for Birmingham.

We previously paid for these expenses by committee members.

We apply for grant funding, but this can only be spent on costs for funded activities and events.

If you can afford to donate, you will be supporting Better Streets for Birmingham in achieving our objectives and campaigning for change.

We would very much appreciate your donation.

How we’ll use your money

Your donation will pay for:

We also use donations to fund projects like the B is for Better Pledge as well as other costs to support the organisation.

Your donation will not pay for:

Transparency on where we hold the money

You will pay your donation to PayPal. We will transfer this to our company (BSFB ACTIVE TRAVEL LTD, Company number: 14491996) account. We bank with Unity Trust Bank and need several committee members to authorise a payment.

We will publish how we use money on our website, as well as submitting annual accounts to Companies House.

Make a donation

You can make a donation on our PayPal donation page. You can choose to cover the PayPal fees so that we receive your full donation.

PayPal will ask for your address so we know where donations have come from. We won’t publish this information.