About Better Streets for Birmingham

Our mission

Better Streets for Birmingham campaigns for changes to our travel and planning infrastructure to improve the sustainability, efficiency and safety of our streets. By identifying, supporting and advocating for changes to our environment that enable car-free journeys, we aim to make active travel and public transport the default options for trips around our city.

Our vision

We believe in a Birmingham where children can play safely in residential streets, where people improve their physical and mental wellbeing through active travel and where our environment is not sullied by acres of public space given over to private vehicle usage. By connecting this city to make car-free travel the easiest option, we will make it a more pleasant place to work, live and play.

Our goals

Better Streets for Birmingham…


Better Streets for Birmingham (BS4B) is a group made up of Birmingham residents. We are a non-political campaign group but discussions about local areas and transport are political by nature.

You should assume that somebody is commenting on an individual basis and that it does not represent Better Streets for Birmingham. Our views are published as content on this website, posts on our social media channels, by email or as an official statement.