Lee Dargue (Lib Dem candidate, Ladywood) – statement

I support all the aims at Road Safety Campaign – Birmingham Liberal Democrats (birminghamlibdems.org.uk).

For Birmingham Ladywood, where I’m standing, we of course have the city centre and its many rat runs and easy-to-speed areas which are too accessible. I’m a car driver myself (EV) yet I certainly call for fewer cars on fewer roads. 

The light rail solution helps, especially for people with additional needs, but its progress is very slow. More electric buses would help but routes seem to be getting fewer instead of more.

A major priority for me would be to have the Council/Police properly investigate issues. It’s disgraceful and antithetical to be told, as I have on several occasions, that I have to wait for a serious accident or for people to die, before any investigation is conducted in an area. We also need to insure that “infrastructure” isn’t just more luxury flats thrown up with roads to connect them, but that needed buildings for doctors, dentists, places of worship, childcare, and business, are included in any new build/re-build to ensure people have less need to drive away from their area to start with.